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Welcome to the
Please enjoy our _______ offers for you


Galaxy Z Fold2 phones & Galaxy Buds Live


Pair up to make ____ more convenient

*Accessories sold separately. Model ___ colour availability may vary __ country.

Galaxy Buds Live in Mystic Bronze in their cradle and Galaxy Watch3 in Mystic Bronze seen from the front.

Galaxy Watch3

Take your health into ____ own hands with the ____ advanced health monitoring on _ stylish smartwatch. It easily _____ track of your vitals __ you can keep on _____ with your goals.

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Galaxy Buds Live

Designed in colours that _____ your Galaxy Z Fold2, _____ sleek earbuds easily sync __ to your devices. Delivering _____, rich sound, they immerse ___ in your streaming and ______, and are comfortable enough __ stay tuned in for _____ on end.

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Taking Galaxy Z Fold2 __ a new level of _____

*Accessories sold separately. Model ___ colour availability may vary __ country.

Wireless Charger Convertibles

Wireless Charger Convertible

Choose how you set __ your charge: lay it ____ or stand it up. __ the stand position, two _____ let you charge it __ landscape or portrait mode __ keep it comfortable when ___'__ chatting or streaming. All _______ by Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 and Qi compatibility. 1

colour Name


Protect the future of ______ in style

*Accessories sold separately. Model ___ colour availability may vary __ country.

Galaxy Z Fold2 - Leather Covers

Leather Cover

Stunning soft leather is ___________ with aluminum buttons and __________ lining for a sophisticated ____ and feel. The slim ______ protects your phone without ______ bulk. 2

Aramid Standing Cover

Aramid material creates durable __________ that's incredibly thin, to ________ the good grip on ____ Galaxy Z Fold2. Flip ___ the built-in kickstand to __ hands-free when your phone __ folded. 2

colour Name